New Call for JRC Open Access opened November 15

A new call for Open Access to JRC laboratories has been published for the EMMA and ActUsLab laboratories in Petten and Karlsruhe respectiviely:

Environmental & Mechanical Materials Assessment (EMMA) (Call closes January 31)

  •        AMALIA, assessment of nuclear power plants core internals (EMMA) 2022-2-RD-EMMA-AMALIA
  • MCL, Micro-Characterisation Laboratory (EMMA) 2022-1-EMMA- MCL
  • SMPA, Structural Materials Performance Assessment Laboratories (EMMA) 2022-1-EMMA-SMPA

Actinide User Laboratory (ActUsLab) (Call closes  March 10)

  • PAMEC, Properties of Actinide Materials under Extreme Conditions (ActUsLab) 2022-2-RD-ACTUSLAB-PAMEC
  • FMR, Fuels and Materials Research (ActUsLab) 2022-2-RD-ActUsLab-FMR;
  • HC-KA, Hot Cell Laboratory (ActUsLab) 2022-2-RD-ActUsLab-HC-KA.
  • For more information see website: The information of the Call can be found from the link: Relevance Driven Calls, Note that JRC also offers funding for short term stay (maximum 20 days) and long-term stay (more than one month). Don’t hesitate to contact me for questions.  

When: Tuesday 15-11-2022 00:00 – Tuesday 31-01-2023 00:00
Where: JRC Petten or Karlsruhe