JP Nuclear Materials – Governance

JP Nuclear Materials – Governance

The governance of the EERA JPNM consists in a coordinator that chairs a management board (MB) and a steering committee (SC):

  • The MB takes care for the day-to-day management of the joint programme and ensures its functioning.
  • The SC is the decisional body and oversees the work of the management board.

    The Joint Programme is organised in several subprogrammes, each of which is coordinated by a subprogramme coordination team (SPCT). At least one member of each SPCT is also a member of the management board.

There are two types of member organisations, full and associate members. The full members are represented in the SC, therefore participate directly in the decision-making process and because of this pay higher fees (both to EERA and to the JPNM). The associate members need to designate a full member as their representative in the SC and pay lower fees. The SC member that represents the associate member does not need to be from the same country as the associate. The MB is composed of employees of the full members, while the members of the SPCTs can be employees of full or associate members alike. Associate and full members have equivalent ways and possibilities to contribute to the EERA JPNM technical and networking activities.


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