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Phone nr.
Email representative in the JPNM Steering Committee
Phone n. representative in the JPNM Steering Committee

NOTE: Once your JPNM membership has been approved and if you are not an EERA member yet, please, apply for the EERA membership. To do so, please follow the steps described here ->


Please use the JPNM SRA
as reference document and consult with the Subprogramme (SP) coordinators, that are listed on the EERA JPNM website, or read the SP description on the website, to define the contribution of your organisation to the JPNM.

Added value and additional information

Dear EERA JPNM membership applicant,

Thank you for you interest to become the EERA JPNM member. It takes three subsequent steps to become the member:
o To be approved by the JPNM Steering Committee (SC)
o To be or become member of the EERA
o To pay the membership fee.

The JPNM SC will vote on your membership on the next SC Meeting. If you have applied for a full membership, you will be kindly requested to give a presentation in front of the JPNM SC in order to be approved as a new full member. You will be contacted by the JPNM with more information.
If you have applied for associate memberhip, you will be informed on the subsequent steps just after the SC meeting.

If any other information is needed, please, do not hesitate to contact us via our secretary, Jana Peroutková, .

Thank you for your interest in cooperation with the EERA JPNM.

All the best,

EERA JPNM working team


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