Call for Open Access JRC Infrastructures

Call for Open Access to JRC Infrastructures in Petten and Geel is now open. The use of the laboratories is free of charge and travelling and subsistence grants are available for users. Open access to JRC Research Infrastructures – European Commission ( Deadline February 29. 
When: Monday 01-01-2024 00:00 – Thursday 29-02-2024 00:00
Where: Petten and Karlsruhe
Calls for JRC Infrastructure Open Access projects are now open for the labs in Petten and Karslruhe. You find more information from the web link: Open access to JRC Research Infrastructures – European Commission (  For more detailed information go the the Actus lab (Karlsruhe) or EMMA (Petten).  Your are encouraged to contact the lab managers or me directly for for more information and preparation of a proposal.  Note that travel and accommodation Grants are available for short and long-term visits. We encourage in particular students, young scientists but also technicians for long-terms stays (> 1 month). 
Contact: Karl-Fredrik Nilsson