WP2 - Vision Paper and Strategic Research Agenda for an EJP on nuclear materials

Coordinated by Marjorie Bertolus CEA (FR) and Abderrahim Al Mazouzi EDF (FR)


  • Set the bases for a European rational classification of the R&D priorities on the various types of materials, taking into account the EU MS interests, industrial feasibility and market needs;
  • Identify framework and define spectrum and scope of R&D activities for an EJP on nuclear materials;
  • Produce a vision paper describing the framework of an EJP on nuclear materials;
  • Produce a consensual SRA with short and long term vision, including consideration of issues such as standardization of processes, circular economy, and cross cutting aspects in nuclear (fission-fusion) and other industrial fields.

References and criteria: EU MS national research programmes; European strategic priorities; European industrial needs toward sustainable, safe and efficient nuclear energy; complementarity of research effort; current and future nuclear systems.

Main results