Workshop on high entropy alloys for nuclear applications

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials organises a Workshop on high entropy alloys for nuclear applications. The workshop will be held in Madrid, Spain from 19th to 21st of October 2021, hosted by CIEMAT as a hybrid remote/in person meeting.
The purpose of this workshop is to share information on the status of the R&D on high entropy alloys (HEA) with focus on nuclear applications. The workshop will cover modelling, experimental investigation, fabrication/manufacturing of HEA. A description of the workshop and the draft agenda are attached herein.

When: Tuesday 19-10-2021 12:00 – Thursday 21-10-2021 16:00
Where: Online

Day 1 General Sessions

Workshop introduction
Introduction to HEA: opportunities and limitations
Daniel Miracle (Materials and Manufacturing Directorate of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory)
Overview on R&D initiatives
U.S. Perspective: Tunable Chemical Disorder in Concentrated Alloys: Defect Properties and Radiation Performance
Yanwen Zhang (ORNL)
EU perspective: INNUMAT – perspective and prospective structural materials for fission and fusion
Jarir Aktaa (KIT)
Coffee break
China perspective: One of the materials for future: High-entropy alloys
Yong Zhang (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Day 2 Technical Sessions

Numerical design, Calphad computation
Numerical Design and Computational Approaches to Develop High Entropy Alloys
Isaac Toda Caraballo (CENIM)
Computational thermodynamic and machine learning assisted design of high entropy alloys
Stéphane Gorsse (ICMCB, Bordeaux)
Manufacturing of Complex Concentrated Alloys (CCAs): Microstructure, Performance and Challenges
Francesco Fanicchia (TWI)
Anna Fraczkiewicz (Mines Saint Etienne)
OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials
Coffee break
Phase stability, microstructural characterisation, mechanical testing
The Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of HEAs
Edward J. Pickering (Manchester University)
Mechanical properties and underlying deformation mechanisms of complex concentrated alloys: a review
Jean-Philippe Couzinié (ICMPE, Thiais)
Day 3 Technical Session
Compatibility with corrosive environment
Corrosion resistance of alumina forming HEA/CCA in steam and liquid Pb alloys
Alfons Weisenburger (KIT)
The Passivation and Corrosion Protection Mechanisms of MPEAs in Aqueous Solutions
John R. Scully (University of Virginia)
Irradiation resistance (including modelling and simulation of the behaviour under irradiation)
Mechanisms of radiation damage buildup in high-entropy alloys
Kai Nordlund (University of Helsinki) speaker to be confirmed
Effect of stacking fault energy on irradiation damage in Co-free high entropy alloys
Naoyuki Hashimoto (Hokkaido University)
Theoretical Modeling of irradiation damage in high entropy alloys
Shijun Zhao (City University of Hong Kong)
Coffee break
14:15 Panel Discussion: HEA for nuclear applications: opportunities and limitations

Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials:

Fanny Balbaud (CEA, Chair of the Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials)
Céline Cabet (CEA, Co-chair of the Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials)
Marta Serrano (CIEMAT)
Lorenzo Malerba (CIEMAT)
Brian Connolly (University of Manchester)
Yong Dai (PSI)
Jian Gan (INL)
Stuart Maloy (LANL)
James Marrow (University of Oxford)
Nariaki Okubo (JAEA)
Satoshi Ohtsuka (JAEA)
Manuel Pouchon (PSI)
Erich Stergar (SCK•CEN)
Dmitry Terentyev (SCK•CEN)
Mychailo Toloczko (PNL)
Yu Gang Wang (Peking University)
Alfons Weisenburger (KIT)