Call for SP-A and SP-C JPNM Management Board candidates

When: Tuesday 31-10-2023 00:00 – Tuesday 26-12-2023 00:00
Where: Online
Due to the withdrawal of the Sub-programme Coordinators Karl-Fredrik Nilsson (SP-A: Pre-normative research on materials and component qualification and data management) and Massimo Angiolini (SP-C: Development of advanced materials solutions and fabrication processes) in the middle of the 4-years-period for the JPNM Manament Board until 2026, a call for two candidatures with a shortened mandate of 2 years for the SP-A and SP-C coordinator position becomes necessary.
Following the Rules of Procedure for the JPNM Management Board Election:
o Candidates have to belong to institutions being full member of JPNM
o Candidates will send a CV and a letter of motivation to JPNM secretariat
o Information about the candidates will be provided to the SC members together with the invitation to the SC meeting
o Candidates will be asked to present themselves (via online) at the next SC meeting January 30-31, 2024.
o If SC members are elected MB members, someone else should formally replace them as SC members (they cannot be MB and SC member at the same time).
o The election will take place during the next SC meeting on January 30-31, 2024.
The call is open from October 31 until December 26, 2023 COB.
To apply for the SP-A or SP-C coordinator position, please, reply to JPNM secretariat, Jana Peroutková, with the following information:
· CV and a letter of motivation also specifying the sub-programme you would like to represent.
Should you need any further details, please, see the documents below or do not hesitate to contact us at
Contact: Jana Peroutková, JPNM secretary,